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Beruccio Leather

Beruccio are very proud to have the ‘Vegetable Dyed in Tuscany’ label, which certifies that their leather is dyed using traditional vegetable dyes in a tannery that uses traditional methods and meets stringent standards. The Leather selected by Beruccio for their Luxury luggage and briefcases is full grain vegetable-dyed leather.

We insist on sourcing the very finest hides available from the highly respected Italian Consortium of Leather Tanners. These hides have been specifically picked due to their longevity, durability, feel and stunning looks. All creases and marks are natural characteristics and the specific reason Beruccio chose these beautiful natural hides. This leather has character and individuality and will soften and age gracefully with use.

Giovanni Beruccio continues their determination to craft some of the world’s most beautiful and high quality men’s leather bags.

Vegetable Dying

Many modern leather production processes involve harsh harmful chemicals. Unlike chemically tanned leather, the methods and materials used in the vegetable dying processes are not harmful to the environment, the tannery workers or the owners of a Beruccio luxury bag. The leather produced by these methods has a unique aroma, luxury feel and appearance that will only improve with age and use.
Beruccio have remained steadfast to the vegetable-dying method as it respect the Giovanni Beruccio tradition and produces a leather of exceptional quality that distinguishes the Beruccio bags from others.
The Beruccio tannery based in Tuscany has for many years produced beautiful leathers using traditional centuries-old methods and is proud to belong to the prestigious Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium. The tannery uses the ancient tradition of vegetable dying in drums. The leather is full grain leather from the shoulder, which is the softest leather available and ideal for making the luxury bags Beruccio is renowned for. The selected hides are dyed using a natural and slow method, in large drums containing water and bark powder form various trees such as Quebracho from Argentina, Mimosa from Australia and Brazil, and Chestnut powder from Southern Europe. Without artificial forcing the end result is a leather of beautiful quality and soft finish. This outstanding softness is the result of an ancient recipe of animal and vegetable fats used to tan the leather, which is a closely guarded secret.

Giovanni Beruccio is proud to keep an ancient tradition alive and to have the ‘Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Toscana’ (Vegetable-Tanned Leather of Tuscany) label, which guarantees that the leather used in all our luxury products have been produced by this natural, traditional method. The ‘Pelle Conciata Vegetale in Toscana’ label certifies the product’s origin as well as a proper handling of the tanning process and the naturalness of the vegetable-tanned leather supplied by the consortium’s tanneries. Labels are printed with anti-counterfeiting techniques. They are also progressively numbered to be easily recognised and allow the Consortium to identify both the supplying tannery and the product manufacturer.

Only the very best genuine Italian leather that has been vegetable dyed is good enough for Giovanni Beruccio. The tanning process used by our tannery produces leather that is respectful to the environment whilst satisfying our exceptional standards for quality, appearance and durability.

Leather Preservation

Because Beruccio have used such premium quality leather to create their bags, very little maintenance is needed. We recommend keeping your bag dry – a little shower of rain will do no harm, but a thorough soaking will change its colour slightly. If your bag does get very wet, empty it and dry off the excess moisture with paper towels, leave it to dry naturally, avoiding heat sources like radiators and hair dryers.
Try and protect your bag from prolonged exposure to very strong sunlight and heat as this will affect the colour of the leather, and dry it out. If your bag does get soiled just use very gentle simple hand soap and warm water to gently clean it. Remember that leather is a natural skin and will benefit from occasionally being moisturised with a simple natural leather care product with as few chemical ingredients as possible. A natural beeswax based product would be ideal for this. If you need any more advice, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at: contact@beruccio.com